Spartan Rules and Guidelines:


General and Office

Our goal is to work with you, the Parent/Guardian, to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience possible for our little ones within the walls of Spartan Gymnastics & Spartan District.  Please help us to make sure your child knows the rules in and out of the gym.

Things to Know Before Entering

SAFETY FIRST - Kids are expected to follow the rules inside of the gym and listen to their Coach(es)

• Spartan is a shoe free facility.  Please stay on the carpets until you can use the shoe racks.  Slippers are provided for bathroom use and are located by the bathroom doors.

• Please do not put shoes in the cubbies. Cubbies are for bags or clothing only.

• In order to avoid injuries gymnastics is not to be done in the office as its floor and walls are not padded.

• Spartan is divided into 2 Spaces, Spartan Gymnastics, the main gymnastics area and Spartan District which is our trampoline and entertainment complex.

• Everyone is encouraged to wear appropriate athletic attire – e.g., leotards, shorts, track or sweat pants & t-shirts. Jeans, belt buckles or any other metallic accessories of clothing may not be worn.

• No jewelry is to be worn, this includes and is not limited to ear, nose, tongue, belly button and facial rings, bracelets, necklaces, rings & pins. Exceptions: medical ID tags/bracelets and rhinestones on leotards.  If earring puncture is recent  and the ears are still healing medical tape may be applied to the ears until the earrings are able to be safely removed.

• All pockets must be emptied before using the facility.

•  Hair must be tied back  away from their face.

• Every child will be given 1 pair of “Spartan Socks” with special grip at the beginning of every session.  These socks are used and required inside of Spartan District and must be brought every week in case they’re needed.  Additional pairs can be purchased for $3.  **Other brands of grip socks are not permitted inside the gym for both safety and insurance reasons.

• Parents have access to both viewing rooms in both gymnastics and district sides, however, are not allowed inside the gym during ongoing programs (excluding one parent per child in the parent-and-tot program)

• Valuable items should not be brought to the gym as Spartan is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

• During your child(ren)’s class Parents have access to the work out room in Spartan District. Please make sure to sign-in at the reception prior to using the facility. Please make sure to wear clean indoor shoes while using the equipment.

• Please try to use Spartan Gymnastics parking whenever possible. Please be mindful of signs displayed by our neighbours, there is no dedicated parking spots for every business , however, many smaller units do not have delivery access to their front door so they accept all patrons to avoid parking in front of their units ( especially unit 4 in front of Spartan).

• Every member is entitled to 2 make-up classes per session.  They must be scheduled at least 24 hours before the desired time by speaking with reception via the phone, email or in person.  Please note that if the make-up class is missed it cannot be rescheduled.

•Office  Wi-Fi Password – awesome123 for Spartan guest network.

Spartan Gymnastics

Inside The Gym

 • Participants are not allowed in the gym areas or on any equipment without a coach or supervisor present.

• All participants must wait outside of the gym entrance and wait to be called in for a class.

• All participants will start the program in bare feet.  The Coach will instruct the class to retrieve their Spartan Socks if they are needed. The Coach will provide a pair of fitting socks to each participant when needed for non-class programs such as camps and birthday parties. Socks can also be provided by reception for all drop-in programs.

• Everyone will warm up and stretch together as a group at the start of each class which will then be divided into smaller groups after the attendance is taken.

• Chewing gum, food or drinks (water bottles excluded)are not allowed in the gymnastics or District areas.

• Glass or glass bottles are not permitted in the gym.

• Coaches will advise the kids when it is time to get retrieve their Spartan Socks before visiting  Spartan District.

• No wrestling, horseplay or physical contact in the gym.

• No double flips are allowed on the floor, trampolines or into any one of the pits while dismounting off the rings, trampolines or tumble track. Spartan Gymnastics is a recreational sports facility and as such strictly prohibits double inversions.

 Parent & Tot

Please stay within arm’s reach of your Tots.

• Only one parent at a time is permitted inside the gym with the tot.  Please feel free to switch out with another parent at any time during the class.

• At the start of each class parents & tots will do a fun warm-up with a song together.  This will prime and prepare the children for the upcoming transition to the kinder gym class.

• There are coaches that will be spread throughout the gym and available to offer suggestions on how to use the equipment with your tot or offer ways to teach or spot any program related skills. The Tots are usually shy at this age and may not want to interact with the Coach. For this reason the Coaches are instructed to physically engage with the child if the child is clearly open to the interaction. The Coaches are expected to interact with both children and parents.

• Parents will be given one pair of Spartan Socks at the start of the session which are required to be worn inside Spartan District.  Other brands of grip socks are not permitted due to safety and insurance reasons.  The tots do not need socks.

Only one tot or one parent and tot is allowed to use the trampoline at one time.

• Tots are not allowed to jump from high platforms into the pit in Spartan District. The maximum dismount height should be no more than one full height of your tot. At this age the muscles of the tot’s neck are not developed enough to withstand quick deceleration forces and hence high platform dismounts are not permitted even if the parent is jumping together with the tot.

• Dives are not allowed into the Pit. The function of the pit is to absorb the shock of the body’s momentum to prevent injury.  When jumping into the pit make sure to land on your bum or back.  Avoid landings on your feet, head or stomach. If you accidentally land on your head be sure to put your hands in front of your head to reduce the impact to your neck, while tightening all of your muscles to ensure your body enters the pit as a solid  (not lose or wiggly) object. If you accidentally land on your stomach make sure to put your hands out in front of you to ensure a complete flat landing, while squeezing your back and stomach muscles. Make sure your hands do end up under your body at the time of impact. (This is different from head landings because neck is more important then limbs)

• Please only use the 4 lower slack lines not the tallest slack Line.

• Parents can only use the equipment with their tots, including trampolines, bars, beams, rings etc. Parents are not permitted to use the rings by themselves in either gym.

Please stay within arm’s reach of your Tots.

Spartan District

  • Spartan Rules & Safety
  • You must be wearing your Spartan Socks inside the gym
  • Empty all pockets before entering
  • No food or drink inside gym (water excluded)
  • No tackling, wrestling or horseplay
  • No lying down on trampoline court
  • No double flips
  • Jumpers must be aware of their surroundings at all time
  • No jumping or flipping over each other
  • Only attempt the highest slack line if you can safely walk on both medium height slack lines

  • Pit Rules
  • Jumpers must “look before they leap”
  • Before jumping off the wall yell “DROPPING”
  • Jumpers must land on their bottom
  • No diving head first
  • Foam must stay in the Pit
  • Foam is not to be thrown into other participants’ faces
  • No digging holes in Pit
  • No one is to be underneath a wall climber in the pit
  • No one is to be underneath the Rings when in use
  • Max 2 people at a time on the Rings