About Us


At Spartan Gymnastics, our goal is to combine the joy and excitement of gymnastics with the emphasis on building self-confidence and discipline, while developing strength, balance, agility and other tenets on which the sport is founded.

With over 20 000 square feet of space to stretch your muscles and roam around, the gym is fully-equipped with modern gymnastics apparatus ready to propel each Spartan member to his or her peak. The gym area is fully covered in floor and wall mats to ensure safety and comfort of each participant. 

We offer gymnastics programs to children starting as early as 18 months, as well as, trampoline, trampoline and tumbling programs to children ages 6 and up. In addition, to regularly scheduled classes we offer birthday parties, drop-ins, camps (summer, winter, march break and PA Day) and parent night outs. 

As part of our gymnastics program the majority of our groups are routinely taken on related equipment such as rock climbing, slack lining and various park-our-like obstacle courses. 

Spartan Gymnastics is a recreational gymnastics facility with the main focus on fun, fitness and skill.  Many of our members choose to join our club as toddlers still learning to walk and grow through our recreational, advanced recreational, pre-competitive and competitive levels.