Excercise Room

Take Advantage of Our COMPLIMENTARY EXERCISE Room While Your Kids are enjoying their class 


The Complimentary Exercise room is available for all Parents and active participants ages 16+.

Please make sure to sign in at the reception prior to each use. Please bring your indoor shoes and use them inside the exercise room. In order to comply with our shoe-off policy we ask that all users of the exercise room carry their indoor shoes to the exercise room and put them on only in the room as to prevent confusing other parents who are  asked to keep their shoes off at all times. 

The use of the exercise room is free of charge and in order to keep the space clean please wipe down the equipment after each use.  Feel free to let the reception know if a piece of equipment is not in proper working order. Please refrain from moving any functional or non-functional equipment . Please avoid dropping weights.  

Please direct your questions or concerns to the reception or via the Feedback Form!!!

Enjoy Your Visit To Spartan Gymnastics!!!