Terms & Policies


REgistration Policy:

In order to register for any Spartan all members must submit a completely filled out waiver, registration form and provided payment in full prior to the commencement of the program. If any one of the items mentioned above are missing the registration is not complete and Spartan Staff may not be aware that you or your child is partaking in the activities and may not be prepared to provide you with the service advertised.  

Registration Steps:

1. Please fill out the Registration Form and Waiver . Submit them in person or electronically to info@spartangymnastics.com

2. Provide Payment: We accept debit, cash and cash in person.  We also accept credit cards for over the phone transactions (phone transactions are subject to a 3% surcharge)

3 a. Registration can be done in person during operating hours.

   b. Registration form, waiver and cheque payment can also be dropped off outside of operating hours in the external mail box.

   c. Registration form and waiver can be submitted electronically and payment can be done over the phone via a credit card. 


CLASSES - All members have 24 hours before the third class to provide electronic notice to info@spartangymnastics.com  in order to receive a refund. The registration fee, cost of the classes completed (even if not attended) and 5% of the program cost will be withheld. If electronic notice is given past the 3rd class, the remaining amount will be credited and made available for use toward any other program offered at Spartan Gymnastics (Spartan District).

CAMP - Cancellations or Refunds are not permitted for any Summer Camp Program. Switching camp weeks or single day camps is permitted as long as electronic notice is given at least 48 hours before your scheduled date of camp.

Sock Policy:

In order to participate in the trampoline park activities in the Spartan District all members must wear Spartan’s anti-slip socks to ensure safety and foot grip on the slippery poly-propylene trampoline beds and nylon slack-lines. All members will receive a pair of Spartan socks at the beginning of each session prior to visiting Spartan District. (Please note this may not be the first day of class). If your child is absent for the first class please make your child’s coach or reception aware of this and they will provide you with a pair. If you forget to bring your socks you may purchase a new pair for $3 at the reception. If your child forgets to bring their socks the coach will provide them with a new pair. Please remember to settle-up during the time of the pick-up. Spartan District is a sports-entertainment part of Spartan Gymnastics. The next door space is not part of the gymnastics program and its visit is not guaranteed for every single class. Please make sure to bring a pair of Spartan socks for every class just in case the class is taken next door. Please note that Spartan socks are only required for the gymnastics space Spartan District entertainment complex and not the gymnastics space.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding this policy please email us at info@spartangymnastics.com

Clothing and Earings:

All participants must wear comfortable and non-baggy clothing that will allow  for free and non-restricting body movements. Long hair must be tied up.  Participants must not wear loose articles of clothing , accessories or jewelry. Earrings  must be removed before entering the gym. Tape may be used if earrings are still healing. Hoop earrings may not be taped. The reception can assist your child in taping your child's ears. 

Birthday Party Policy

Booking/Cancellation/ Change:

In order to book your birthday party  we need to know the date of preference, the number of kids you are inviting and receive the $120  reservation fee. Please note that reservation fee is non- refundable. Party booking may be changed two weeks prior to the party date and is subject to a $75 surcharge. Changes or cancellations within two weeks of the party date are not permitted.